October 26, 2017
Auto Accident

Over the past few years, the number of pedestrian accidents has slowly been rising in Montgomery, AL. A large majority of these pedestrian accidents involve motor vehicles. In some cases, it is the pedestrian who is at fault, but most of the time it is the negligence or recklessness of automobile drivers that cause the accidents.

Despite increased policing, speeding continues to be a problem on the roads in Montgomery. When a pedestrian is involved in a car accident, the repercussions go way beyond the injury. If it is a serious accident, there may be a fatality or the pedestrian involved in the accident may end up with a permanent disability. This could be quite traumatic, especially if the injured pedestrian is the primary bread-earner for their family. In other words, an accident can have a negative impact in many ways and on many people.

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Victims of pedestrian car accidents should reach out to The Vance Law Firm for a consultation.

What are common causes of car accidents in Montgomery?

By far, the majority of pedestrian accidents are caused by motorists. In rare cases, it is the pedestrian who jaywalks or attempts to cross the road while drunk or intoxicated.

Some of the most common reasons why motorists are involved in pedestrian accidents include the following:

Drunk driving: Despite tough laws, people still drink and drive. Drunken-driving related pedestrian accidents are very common, and the majority occur in the evenings and weekends. Driving under the influence of alcohol is a problem observed in both men and women and among people of all ages. It can be lethal because when a driver is drunk, his ability to drive properly is significantly impaired. The driver is simply not aware of his surroundings, and this can result in a significant decline in his or her ability to control a motor vehicle. There are also cases when people drive after taking certain medications which can impair their ability to drive or cause lethargy, induce sleep or affect concentration levels.

Distracted driving: One of the most common reasons for pedestrian accidents is distracted driving. There are too many people today who focus more on their digital devices, smartphones and iPads and talk/text while driving. Accidents are inevitable when one is glued to their smartphone rather than focusing on the road. Other common reasons for distracted driving include eating, grooming, chatting with other passengers in the vehicle or having an uncaged pet in the car.

Fatigue: Driver fatigue could also result in an unnecessary and preventable accident. Many people drive long distances. Even if they are tired, they continue to drive instead of pulling over and spending a night at the motel. Again, the driver’s ability to drive is impaired due to fatigue, and this could also result in an accident.

Speeding: Probably the most common cause of pedestrian accidents in Montgomery is speeding. Drivers speed all the time on roads, and they do so at any time of the day. Despite being ticketed some drivers just can’t seem to slow down. It is only when they kill or injure a pedestrian do they get a wake up call to slow down.

Failure to yield: This is another common cause of pedestrian accidents in Montgomery. Many drivers just do not yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. They are either in too much of a hurry to get somewhere, or they simply don’t care. This habit results in pedestrians being hurt and injured while crossing the road at designated walks. Sometimes, drivers fail to yield to construction workers on the roads or fail to obey the signal to slow down.

In Case of an Alabama Pedestrian Accident

If you are a pedestrian who has been involved in an accident, you should call 911 immediately. The most important thing is to ensure that you have not sustained any serious injuries. If you have, you need to get medical treatment immediately. No matter how minor your injuries are, you should always go to the hospital and get yourself checked out. The reason is that in many cases the pain or disability may not appear till much later. If you have no doctor’s report then you will not be able to recover any money.

If you are able to, take the driver’s name, registration, phone, address, license plate and insurance information. Take the names of any nearby witnesses and take pictures, if possible. If there are any police officers at the scene, talk to them and answer all their questions calmly and confidently. Do not leave the scene of the accident without clearance from the police.

If the other party puts the blame on you, do not engage in an argument and counterargument. Both the driver and their insurance company are expected to shift the blame. That is mainly because insurance companies try to settle for less. By accepting responsibility, they may expose themselves financially. That is why it is in your interest to avoid engaging in any blame shifting or argument. Do not fall for any explanations offered by the driver in question and do not settle for the first offer they (or their insurance company) makes.

Contact a Montgomery Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Case

Your best strategy is to consult a lawyer. Explain the specifics of the accident and the damages you have incurred. Find out your rights so that you know exactly what damages you can claim.

At The Vance Law Firm, we realize that accidents can be physically traumatic and emotionally disturbing. This is especially true if you have sustained serious injuries. When you consult our lawyers, you will realize that they are on your side and will diligently work for you. Our goal is to ensure that you get the maximum compensation for the injuries and damages that you have incurred. Call us today at 334-333-333 and speak to one of our associates. We will discuss the specifics of your case, and our lawyers will then design a strategy that will be geared towards communicating the losses that you’ve incurred. Our legal team is here to help you get the justice you deserve.  

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