According to the latest figures from the legal field, more than 400,000 personal injury cases are filed each year in the United States. Further reports show that nearly 160,000 vehicle accidents take place each year on Alabama’s roadways. 

Those accidents account for almost 48,000 serious injuries and 1,000 fatalities, and that’s only a fraction of the injury cases that arise each year. If you’ve been the victim of someone else’s carelessness on the road, at work, or in any other situation, you need a personal injury lawyer who’s willing to stand by you and ensure your rights are upheld. 

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

At The Vance Law Firm, we’re dedicated to making sure Franklin residents get the compensation they deserve for injuries and other damages acquired due to car accidents, work-related incidents, medical malpractice, and other acts of carelessness. We’ve recovered millions of dollars in damages for our clients, and our team has the knowledge, experience, resources, and determination to fight for your rights as a victim. 

Taking a Look at the Types of Cases We Handle

We fully understand just how devastating accidents can be for victims and their loved ones. They bring about mounting medical bills, lost wages, and numerous other expenses. At the same time, they cause endless pain and suffering. We handle the full range of personal injury and wrongful death cases for those in Franklin and the surrounding areas. 

Traffic Accidents

Conventional automobile accidents are becoming increasingly common across Alabama. In fact, we rank above the national average for traffic fatalities, and the figures are only increasing over time. Those accidents aren’t limited to conventional passenger vehicles, either. More than 112,000 motorcycles are registered in the state, and approximately 80 riders are killed in motorcycle accidents annually. 

On top of that, bicyclists are frequently victims of automobile accidents. More than 200 people were injured in bicycle accidents during the last year for which information is available. Nine bicyclists were killed as a result of those crashes. This shows a significant uptick over the last few years possibly because of the growing numbers of vehicles and bicycles on the road. 

Common Causes of Traffic Accidents in Alabama

Numerous factors enter the equation when it comes to vehicle accidents. They all boil down to carelessness in one way or another. Almost all of them can be prevented with the right precautionary measures. 


Contrary to popular belief, speed and alcohol are no longer the most common causes of crashes. Distracted driving accidents have become the most common issue at this point. In many instances, drivers using their phones and texting are the main culprits though GPS systems and other diversions come into play as well.


Alcohol may not be the primary cause of accidents these days, but it’s still a serious problem. Approximately one in three traffic fatalities in Alabama are the result of a drunk driving accident. When a driver chooses to get behind the wheel while intoxicated, it’s an exercise in extreme carelessness, and far too many innocent families pay the price of this decision.


Speed remains a typical factor in accidents and injuries. This includes those on the road as well as on the water. Just last year, Alabama saw the highest number of boat accident fatalities on record with speed, intoxication, and improperly trained operators being the main causes in those accidents. 

Exhausted Drivers

Many drivers take to the roadways despite being too tired to operate a vehicle. While this is often the case with passenger vehicles, it tends to be more common in truck accidents. Whether a driver suffers from insomnia, routinely pulls a double shift at work, or is simply trying to deliver a load on time, it’s his or her responsibility to be able to operate a vehicle safely. 

In addition to those factors, equipment failure is also a typical cause of accidents and resulting injuries. These cases are particularly delicate because determining who is at fault is often difficult. In such cases, vehicle owners, mechanics, parts or vehicle manufacturers, and many other potential culprits enter the mix. Having an experienced motor accident lawyer on your side is extremely important in these types of incidents. 

Public Transportation Accidents

Alabama’s public transportation system may not be as widespread as those in other states, but it’s a popular alternative for local residents. Millions of people use buses to get from one place to another each year. Subways and trains also foster many people’s ability to get work and other essential places. While public transportation should be among the safest, most reliable options, numerous people are injured in mass transit accidents

As an alternative to mass transit, quite a few people in Franklin and the surrounding areas are turning to rideshare services, like Uber. Many are surprised to learn that rideshare drivers aren’t required to undergo any special training before being allowed to transport passengers. Since the number of rideshare requests is on the rise and drivers often rush to take on as many passengers as possible to earn more money, Uber accidents are on an upward trend lately.

Fighting the Insurance Companies

Whether you’re up against the driver of a passenger vehicle, a rideshare company, or the entity behind an entire public transportation system, the insurance providers are often the ones going to bat for the people responsible for your injuries. They’re especially adept at denying accountability and finding ways to pay out as little as possible. 

When you come to The Vance Law Firm, you can count on our team to stand up on your behalf against the auto insurance lawyer of the opposition. We won’t be intimidated or bought for less than you deserve. Don’t try to fight them on your own. Contact us, and let us help. 

Injured at Work or on Someone Else’s Property

Based on the latest reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 36,500 workplace injuries take place each year in our state. While employers are required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance to cover such accidents, many are reluctant to pay out when their employees are injured. Additionally, many workplace injuries don’t take place suddenly. Instead, they develop over time due to repetitive motions or exposure to dangerous substances. 

In either situation, proving an employer is at fault for an employee’s injuries isn’t a simple matter. Cases like these also often require the extent of the employer’s responsibilities to be established. A victim’s compensation depends directly on both factors as well as many others. Our team knows which steps to take and details to cover to ensure you get the compensation you’re entitled to if you suffer from a work injury or illness. 

Many Franklin residents are also injured on other people’s property each year. This includes private homes, retail stores, restaurants, and shared areas like sidewalks or parks. These are common sites for slip and fall injuries. Those types of accidents often result in head, neck, and back injuries; sprains; lacerations; and broken bones. Again, proving the extent of your injuries and where the fault lies isn’t always a straightforward process in these instances, so having an experienced legal team on your side is essential.

Standing up for Franklin Residents’ Rights

Franklin is a wonderful place to live and work, and it’s one of the safest towns in America as far as crime rates go. That said, accidents are bound to happen. Whether you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident or sustained a back and spine injury at work, The Vance Law Firm is here to make sure you receive the compensation you need and deserve. Contact us for a free consultation, and let us put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

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