February 11, 2021

No one leaves their home in the morning and expects to become an accident statistic. Sadly, over 17,000 vehicle accidents and 100 slip and fall events occur in the United States every day. Personal injuries affect more than the injured individual. A tragic accident can alter the lives of everyone that loves an accident victim. A Personal injury lawyer makes it possible for victims and their families to get the compensation they need to restore their lives. The right law firm can help. 

Provide Clear Evidence

Chaotic accident scenes make it difficult for law enforcement officers to understand what happened. Not every driver that causes an accident takes responsibility for their actions. Injuries can make people incapable of defending themselves as an officer begins their report. 

A motor accident lawyer understands the potential for mistakes and can help with the research and witness interviews that reveal the truth. Attorneys need to talk to witnesses while they still remember the event clearly. They need to gain access to videos and photographs before someone deletes them. 

Research Driving Records

A Car accident sometimes happens because of a careless driver with an extensive history of reckless behavior. Sometimes, the accident was preventable if law enforcement or businesses were more diligent about safety. 

 Truck accidents can happen because the company fails to maintain their vehicles or screen their employees. A complete investigation into the driver’s background and any company that hired the individual can make it much easier for victims to get the compensation they deserve. Preventing bad drivers from harming others is an added benefit that results from cases like these. 

Create Complete Lists 

Accident victims can forget some expenses from their recent motorcycle accident. The individual may include their medical bills and the cost of the damages to their bike, but forget about the expensive motorcycle leathers, helmets, and radios also ruined during the accident. They might not realize they can include compensation for the loss of attending the special event they were driving to or their future loss of enjoyment of motorcycle riding because of their severe injuries. 

A personal injury lawyer knows to look for the extras that others forget when they experience an injury. Compensation does not always have to include something that has a receipt. In a bicycle accident, the bicycle may have a small retail value, but not competing in races or rallies could have a large effect on the victim. A pedestrian accident may include only medical expenses, but the victims must consider long-term medical needs too. Sometimes the loss is the quality of life of the victim and their loved ones.

Prevent Compensation Delays 

Too often, insurance companies employ delay tactics to prevent paying for legitimate claims. The delays can cause people to fall behind in their bills or to hold off on receiving treatment or therapy they need. Medical issues caused by accidents, like back and spine injury treatments, cannot wait for the debates to end between insurers. Lawyers help their clients get compensation sooner so they can afford the care they need and keep their bills paid without delay. 

Avoid Unfair Settlements 

A slip and fall or work injury can cause debilitating health concerns that prevent people from living the life they want. Insurers and employers may sense the desire to end the case quickly and use that to their advantage. Victims receive settlements early, but the amount may not cover all the expenses the accident caused.

In wrongful death cases, families who are mourning the loss of a loved one may want the case over as soon as possible. Families that hire a personal attorney to manage the case can have an expedited settlement and receive an amount that will cover all their needs.

Choose Correct Defendant 

The decision on who to hold responsible for an accident is not always as simple as it seems. An Uber accident or mass transit accident could mean many entities have some responsibility for the event. A law team can help the victim of an accident to determine who to include in their claim. Sometimes the circumstances that led to an event may mean there are multiple responsible parties. Law professionals understand how to pursue these cases for the best result.

Understanding of Law 

The average citizen can struggle to understand legal documents, especially with unique events. A boat accident, for example, could fall under state or federal laws. If it happens at sea, it falls under maritime laws. The complexity of cases like these makes it easy for people to not get the help they need because they misunderstand the law.

Make it Equal

Any claim made to an insurance company will mean the company has the guidance of an auto insurance lawyer. The lawyers represent the insurance company. Someone harmed during a drunk driving accident or distracted driving accident may feel their insurer is on their side because they were not to blame. The insurer will negotiate with the other insurer to pay damages, but the attorneys will have only the best interest of their insurance company in mind. A personal lawyer is the only way for accident victims to have equal ground in all negotiations.  

The legal system makes it possible for people to have the financial security to recover from their injuries. Accident victims should not wait for insurance companies to offer a fair settlement. Medical bills arrive faster than people expect, and household expenses never stop. Contact a lawyer immediately after an accident to avoid delays and lost compensation. 

At Vance Law Firm, we have a record of success for those with injury claims of all types. Our skilled team will invest the effort and time needed to get you the compensation you deserve. A free case review enables a professional to look over the details with no risk to the client.

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