May 26, 2021
personal injury

Wetumpka, Alabama lawyers, help area residents deal with issues ranging from a car accident to work injuries and even a Uber accident. Attorneys understand complex laws and ensure that necessary paperwork is completed and filed correctly. They know when to challenge evidence, have access to expert witnesses, save clients money, and work hard to get them the settlements they deserve.

Our full-service firm which also includes an auto insurance lawyer represents clients who need help in a wide range of areas that include:

Accidents on the Road  

A traffic accident is always stressful and can result in both physical and emotional harm. Even fairly minor incidents may lead to complications. A Motor Accident Lawyer can review each situation and determine the best course of action. Lawyers deal with insurance companies on victims’ behalf to ensure fair compensation. 

Car Accidents are widespread because automobiles have become a necessary part of everyday life. According to the CDC, auto accidents send over 2.5 million people to the hospital annually and are responsible for 100 deaths per day. When drivers are involved in accidents, attorneys can help them navigate legal issues and protect their rights.

There are also millions of trucks on the road, so Truck Accidents are also common. There are dozens of different types of trucks, and nearly all of them are much bigger than cars, making car-truck collisions especially deadly. Determining blame can be very difficult since accidents may involve parties that include manufacturers, trucking companies, trailer owners, and private companies. However, lawyers with a background in trucking laws can identify responsible parties. They help victims of accidents caused by mechanical failures, driver errors, and poor maintenance. 

Attorneys can help victims who have been harmed in a Motorcycle Accident. Each day, motorcycle riders are injured when car or truck drivers make mistakes and collide with them. It can be challenging for injured parties to deal with insurance companies after accidents. However, an attorney who understands the laws surrounding motorcycles can step in and ensure victims are fairly compensated.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), bicyclists represent 2% of all annual traffic deaths and thousands of injuries. Vehicle driver errors can cause a bicycle accident. Attorneys can determine who is a fault in accidents and help victims or their families get the compensation they are entitled to.

A skilled attorney can also help a client who has been involved in a pedestrian accident. Deaths and injuries are common in pedestrian accidents, but insurance companies often fight the claims. Lawyers advocate for their clients and get them their rightful compensation. 

Personal injuries are common after a drunk driving accident, and a knowledgeable law firm helps victims get the monetary returns they deserve. Legal representation is especially critical in drunk driving cases, which require exhaustive investigation and knowledge of the law. 

More and more Alabama residents are being injured and killed in accidents caused by drivers who are texting, using apps, or talking on the phone. Adjusting music and talking to passengers are also common distractions. Anyone who is injured in a distracted driving accident needs the help of an attorney. A lawyer can help victims get compensated for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and wrongful death

Accidents on the Water 

Alabama has miles of coastline and waterways that are heavily trafficked by commercial and recreational watercraft. The sheer number of watercraft will increase the chance of a  boat accident. Victims of accidents on the water need the help of attorneys with experience in maritime law, which is complex. Attorneys will help ensure victims are compensated for medical expenses, loss of income, and pain and suffering. 

Public Transportation Accidents 

The Alabama public transportation system is efficient and provides citizens with many options. But, when a mass transit accident happens, it can interrupt passengers’ lives, and it is often difficult for victims to deal with insurance companies representing transportation providers. Attorneys who are skilled in mass transit law will fight for victims and ensure their rights are protected. 

In recent years, ridesharing services have increased dramatically, and so has the number of accidents with passengers in Uber and Lyft vehicles. A passenger involved in an accident can sue, but claims are complicated because drivers use personal cars. A lawyer specializing in ride-sharing accidents can advocate for their clients and help them avoid dealing with insurance companies.

Personal Injury

A personal injury lawyer specializes in multiple areas of the law and works hard to get clients fair compensation. Attorneys have vast experience representing clients through all phases of their cases and will fight for them in court. They specialize in areas that include:

  • Wrongful Death:  Anyone who has lost a loved one has enough to deal with just dealing with their grief. It can be nearly impossible for them to handle legal issues related to accidents. Alabama attorneys with wrongful death experience understand state laws on the subject and fight tirelessly to get a fair settlement. They take care of legal issues so clients can focus on recovery.
  • Spinal and back injuries: A skilled attorney can help a victim who has sustained back and spine injuries due to someone else’s negligence. Of all physical traumas, injuries to the neck and back can be the most serious since they severely impact the quality of life. Attorneys with extensive experience in this area will ensure victims get the fair compensation they deserve.
  • Injuries Due to Falls:  A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere, at any time, and many are caused by negligence. These cases can be tricky, and it takes an especially aggressive attorney to get clients a fair settlement. An experienced firm will ensure their clients get maximum compensation.
  • Accidents at work: Job site accidents are common and often fatal. Workers who are killed frequently leave families with little or no means of support. Even if employees survive, companies often try to force them back to work before they are healed. Attorneys who have experience dealing with a work injury make sure clients get compensated for the loss of quality of life, disability, disfigurement, mental anguish, physical pain, loss of earning potential, and medical costs.

Vance Law Firm proudly serves Wetumpka, AL, and surrounding areas. Our team consists of attorneys specializing in multiple areas of law. We are committed to fighting for our clients and getting them the compensation they deserve. The firm provides free consultations.  

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