December 26, 2022
personal injury

Personal injury claims are complex and intimate cases, and an effective strategy requires understanding and communication between the victim and the legal team. During your case, you may feel that your legal team is not representing you the way you want.

You have the right to be represented by a lawyer you trust; in most cases, it is possible to switch your lawyer in the middle of your case.

If you feel your current lawyer lacks the skills, ethics, or experience to represent your case, contact the personal injury lawyers in Montgomery with The Vance Law Firm. We can replace your unsatisfactory legal team with a group of experienced, hard-working attorneys who will fight for you.

No Penalty for Switching Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury claim is a lawsuit based on a physical, emotional, or mental injury. When your legal team fails to provide adequate representation, you can change lawyers mid-case without penalty.

  • Does Not Cost You More Money

Many personal injury attorneys work on contingency and don’t require payment until they settle your case. Changing attorneys doesn’t mean you pay two contingency fees. Instead, you’ll pay the same fee, but both lawyers will divide it based on the proportion of the case they handled or as agreed upon by each attorney.

  • Does Not Set Back Your Case

While switching lawyers can potentially delay your case, this action should not negatively affect your case. You will not be penalized in court, have your settlement reduced, or become ineligible to claim certain damages. Changing lawyers can help you pursue a more robust strategy and receive the compensation you deserve.

  • The Process for Changing Lawyers

When you find a new lawyer, you must inform your previous legal team that you are leaving. To do so, your new lawyer will send a “stop work letter” to your former attorney, telling them that you have switched to another lawyer. Your new lawyer will also take care of any other legal formalities that may arise.

Why Clients Switch Lawyers in a Personal Injury Case

Clients can switch lawyers for any reason, but some common complaints lead clients to explore other law firms. The following warning signs may indicate poor legal counsel, indicating you may need a new attorney.

You can also search for your lawyer through the Alabama State Bar website to see if they have been disciplined for unethical behavior.

  • Not Responsive to Calls

You should be able to reach your attorney within a day or two, except for weekends and holidays. When calls or emails go unanswered for over a week and there are few to no updates on your case, this may indicate the need to find another lawyer who has better communication standards for their clients.

  • Doesn’t Explain the Legal Processes

Many people want a basic understanding of the legal processes that affect their personal injury claim. While your attorney won’t explain these processes in depth, they should discuss what to expect or how it will affect your case.

Lawyers unwilling to do so or who seem irritated when asked for clarification tend to drive their clients to other attorneys.

  • Lack of Faith

Sometimes a lawyer’s behavior makes clients doubt that they can successfully handle the case. For example, your lawyer may miss appointments, ask you for paperwork or evidence you’ve already provided, or seem disorganized.

Some attorneys also push their clients to pursue certain legal tactics or damages they may not want. For instance, if you’re only seeking compensation for your medical bills, an attorney shouldn’t push you into claiming emotional distress.

  • Case Hasn’t Improved

An attorney’s job is to prove why the other party is at fault for your injury and negotiate the highest settlement possible. If your attorney told you they could help you obtain certain damages, but there has been little progress toward that goal after several months, you may want to consult another attorney to determine if your case should move this slowly.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

A personal injury attorney can recover compensation for damages you receive after an injury. If your current lawyer is mishandling your claim, The Vance Law Firm can take over your case.

Our law firm handles a wide variety of personal injury claims in Alabama. Our legal team can help you explore your legal options and maximize compensation for your injuries. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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