It’s an unfortunate fact that most people will be involved in an accident at least once in their lives. While some accidents, such as fender benders, cause few injuries, others are more serious and can lead to high medical bills, lost income, and hardship. When you’ve been injured in an accident, an experienced injury attorney in Montgomery, AL can provide the peace of mind and financial recovery you deserve. In this guide, you’ll learn how a personal injury lawyer from The Vance Law Firm can help you move on after an accident.

An Attorney Will Help Determine the Value of Your Injury Claim

Because our injury attorneys have settled many kinds of cases and are focused on the fields of injury and car accident law, they are able to accurately determine a claim’s value. Additionally, the amount and type of compensation for which you are eligible may change with time. By hiring a motor accident lawyer after a crash, you’re more likely to receive the amount you need and deserve.

They May be Able to Increase the Settlement Amount

Though it may seem unfair to some, those who hire injury attorneys typically receive higher settlements. Even after an attorney’s fees are considered, a person who retains legal counsel will likely end up with more compensation than someone who litigates their own case. Many times, clients hire us after an insurance company has refused to offer a reasonable settlement.

They’ll Know When to File Suit and When to Settle

A common question among those who’ve suffered injuries in an accident, whether it be car or truck accidents, is “Should I settle or file a claim in court?” In answering this question, numerous factors must be considered. A Montgomery injury attorney has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you’re taking the right steps and will provide the right advice. 

Insurance companies are in the business to make a profit, and in boosting their bottom lines, they sometimes make unfair settlement offers. Though we can settle most cases out of court, we’re willing to take them to trial when necessary.

Attorneys Help Clients Save Time

Time is a valuable commodity, and most of us have little to spare. After something like a a motorcycle accident, you certainly won’t want to spend your time gathering medical records, copying bills and insurance liens, requesting police reports, and talking to insurance adjusters. If you were hurt at work, for example, your work injury lawyer can take care of everything, which will allow you to focus on recovery. 

They Expedite Personal Injury Claims

After an accident, like a pedestrian accident, the most important thing is your health and well-being. However, the longer you delay acting on an injury claim, the more difficult it will be to settle. An injury lawyer will act immediately while you recuperate. Our attorneys have handled many kinds of cases, so we can anticipate and prevent most common setbacks.

We Offer No-Obligation Consultations

At The Vance Law Firm, we offer complimentary consultations to prospective clients. Before this consultation, one of the best things you can do is to write down a few questions for us to answer. These question and answer sessions help clients gain important information about an accident, like a bicycle accident case, and determine the appropriate course of action.

Experience Settling Claims With Insurance Companies and Other Attorneys

Effective negotiations and collaborations with the insurance company can be quite difficult. An auto insurance lawyer will know how to handle the other side professionally and effectively. This experience is especially valuable during a drunk driving accident, distracted driving accident, or slip and fall case’s litigation phase when parties must exchange documents and information.

We’re Not Afraid to Face the Big Guys

It’s almost impossible for an unrepresented victim to effectively handle a claim against a big corporation. Most individuals simply lack the time and ability to litigate these cases on their own. From mass transit accidents, product liability, and wrongful death cases, you’ll need an attorney’s representation if you plan to prevail.

We’ll Take Care of the Fine Print and the Paperwork

Personal injury cases involve a significant amount of paperwork, and in most cases, those documents are designed to be complex and confusing. Hiring an injury attorney with The Vance Law Firm will keep you from signing away your rights and it will help you understand your legal options after something like a back and spine injury. It’s our goal to handle everything, including the paperwork, so our clients won’t have to.

We Offer Courtroom Representation When It’s Needed

Going to court for an injury claim, especially after a motor or Uber accident, is an overwhelming prospect for someone who has never done so before. Unrepresented victims go to court daily, but they often struggle to understand courtroom procedures and rules. Unfortunately, an unrepresented victim’s ignorance of or failure to comply with such rules may lead to the dismissal of their case. When you hire us, our knowledge of Montgomery’s court system will work in your favor.

We Know Alabama’s Insurance Companies and Insurance Laws

Working with the other side’s legal team after a car, truck, or boat accident is a challenge but working with another party’s insurer can be much harder. Personal injury attorneys with significant state legal experience will know which insurance laws affect your case. Every insurance company has a unique corporate culture, and it can be hard to tell a good settlement offer from a bad one. We’ve worked with most Alabama insurers, so we know how to handle them.

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