One benefit of living in a town like Montgomery, Alabama, is the public transit options. People who need transportation but do not have a car can easily use Montgomery Transit (the M) and other mass transit options to take care of their daily obligations. Unfortunately, not all rides on mass transit go as planned. Accidents do happen and they can lead to serious injuries for passengers and drivers alike. At The Vance Law Firm, we believe someone else’s negligence on the road should not leave you picking up the pieces after an injury. The law is on your side if you are willing to fight for it. Make sure you have an experienced mass transit accident lawyer who is a tiger in the courtroom fighting for you.

If you have a personal injury claim as a result of a mass transit accident, contact our personal injury lawyers in Montgomery today. We have more than 25 years of combined legal experience and a transit accident attorney that can make a difference in your case.

The Investigative Skills To Craft A Strong And Persuasive Case

You should be able to trust that professional drivers and pilots have the tools needed to keep you and your loved ones safe in mass transit. Unfortunately, not all drivers are properly trained, not all vehicles are properly maintained and even the most experienced professionals can make errors on the road.

A mass transit accident in Montgomery, AL.

The key to success in mass transit accident cases is the investigation. You need to be able to prove that negligence took place, prove that the incident directly connects to the injuries you suffered and prove the extent to which those injuries have changed your life.

Our transit accident attorneys in Montgomery have the tools needed to perform thorough investigations of mass transit regulations, accident reconstruction, vehicle evaluations, medical records, and long-term financial analysis — all of which help us construct strong arguments that support your claim for maximum compensation.

Let a Transit accident attorney Handle Your Mass Transit Accident Claim

Remember that insurance companies have the legal and financial resources to fight your claim and try to undervalue what your case is worth. Do not be fooled. Get the same caliber of experience on your side. Contact a transit accident attorney online or by telephone at 334-333-3333 and we can be the tiger you need working for you.

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