Men and women across America owned approximately 282 million vehicles in the third quarter of 2020. Every time a person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle or climbs on their motorcycle, they must understand the risks associated with driving on the roads today. People love to move around freely with the help of their car or bike, but doing so puts them at risk of a serious injury or death if they are in a collision.

Motorcycle riders encounter more risks while out on the open road. Approximately 88,000 motorcycle riders find themselves in an accident in America each year. They are 26 times more likely to die in these accidents than if they were in another type of motor vehicle.

Anyone involved in a collision should speak to a personal injury or motorcycle accident attorney right away. Doing so protects the rights of the injured and ensures they fulfill all legal requirements regarding seeking compensation. A person involved in an accident through no fault of their own should have any bills related to the incident paid by the responsible party. The attorney works to ensure this happens.

Filing a Civil Suit

Individuals who are a victim of a crime find they get legal representation through the state. Authorities in the state wish to ensure the person who committed the crime cannot harm others and handle the prosecution of this individual to prevent that from happening. When a person sustains an injury in a motor vehicle or motorcycle accident, however, they must get their attorney. This applies to car accidents, truck accidents, accidents involving a pedestrian, bicycle accidents, and more.

Choosing an Attorney

Personal injury attorneys typically only handle cases of this type. However, this doesn’t mean they are all the same. The person seeking representation must research the options and find the attorney that best meets their specific needs. The victim’s goal is to find someone who will get the maximum compensation thanks to their knowledge, experience, and skills.

Look for a lawyer who remains willing to devote the time and energy to see the case through. A distracted driving accident, an Uber accident, or a mass transit accident can take years to settle, and the client needs to know the attorney won’t push for a settlement until all issues have been resolved.

Victims often worry they won’t be able to pay their bills and decide they wish to settle. However, a lawyer for the auto insurance company may take advantage of this and offer a lower amount than the client deserves. However, a client’s auto insurance lawyer works with the client to determine how much they deserve under the law, so they don’t settle too soon and find they become responsible for any bills above this amount. The attorney must do everything necessary to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Questions to Ask of a Personal Injury or Motorcycle Injury Attorney

Interview several attorneys before deciding which lawyer to hire. Doing so could mean the difference between a settlement that barely covers the bills and one that ensures fair compensation for the victim’s injuries, including those that aren’t physical. Fortunately, a motor accident lawyer or one that takes on personal injury cases such as those involving a slip and fall or work injury usually will offer a free consultation. This allows the victim to ask questions they have regarding the claim and learn more about each attorney before choosing who to hire.

What Types of Cases Do You Handle?

While many attorneys take on several types of cases, a lawyer dedicated to handling personal injury claims of every type, including those involving an Uber accident, a boat accident, or a drunk driving accident, has experience and knowledge that becomes of great benefit as the case moves forward. They gain this insight thanks to their years of handling cases of this type.

This becomes of great importance in certain types of cases, such as those involving a boat, motorcycle, or tractor-trailer. These accidents often result in severe injuries. The attorney knows what to look for in terms of who they can sue for damages, as multiple parties could be liable. This includes the vehicle manufacturer, the owner of the company if the accident involves a commercial vehicle and more.

What Percentage of Your Practice Is Dedicated to This Type of Case?

An overwhelming majority of personal injury claims settle before they make it to court. In fact, the federal government conducted a study that found only three percent of personal injury cases involving a motor vehicle go to trial. The rest settle out of court. The attorney must stay with the case until the client’s best interests are served. Certain attorneys settle regularly and insurance companies note this. They offer a lower amount as a result, knowing they may save money by doing so, as the attorney will accept it.

What Is Your Record with These Types of Cases?

Although past settlements and verdicts don’t predict future outcomes in personal injury cases of any type, they give the client an indication of the attorney’s negotiation skills and willingness to go to trial if the case warrants doing so. When talking with the attorney, ask when the settlements and verdicts occurred. Some attorneys brag about their courtroom successes, but clients need to understand their level of involvement at every stage of the process.

Who Is the Point of Contact?

Victims often meet with an attorney during the consultation only to not see them again. Associates and paralegals handle all aspects of the case, with the attorney doing nothing more than reviewing any documents associated with the case. If a problem arises, the client may find they go from person to person without getting a response. Knowing who to contact if a problem arises is of great importance, so never neglect this question.

Never rush the process of choosing a personal injury lawyer for your back and spine injury, pedestrian accident suit, wrongful death case, or any matter of this type. Every person deserves legal representation when they have been wronged. The right attorney ensures this is what their clients get with each case they take.

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