December 6, 2021
personal injury

As personal injury lawyers, we work hard to help our clients get compensation for their injuries. But not all injuries are equal in terms of their potential to change victims’ lives for the worse. Disabling injuries can be particularly devastating, especially when they last for years or are permanent, as they can make it difficult or impossible to work.

And among disabling injuries, those that cause partial or total paralysis are the most impactful. Paralysis typically means that victims not only can’t work, but also may lose their ability to live independently. That means they also face huge medical bills, as they may need live-in care or for one of their loved ones to become a full-time caregiver.

There’s no question that a paralyzing injury is a worst-case scenario after many types of accidents, but how much money can victims receive for this life-changing impairment?

The Amount of Compensation Depends on Many Factors

When we build personal injury claims for our clients, we work hard to ensure they get fair compensation for all of their expenses. Serious injuries that are expected to heal and will allow victims to eventually return to work can still require big settlements to adequately compensate victims. But when injuries are permanent and affect every aspect of life, such as paralysis, the amount of money that we demand for our clients is often significantly more.

When it comes to paralysis, we look at these factors when determining how much compensation our clients are owed:

  • How extensive is the paralysis?

The level of paralysis a victim suffers depends on where their spinal cord was injured. The higher up on the spinal cord, the greater the severity of paralysis. Victims who suffered spinal cord injuries in their sacral or lower lumbar areas may be unable to work or have bowel and bladder control, while victims whose spinal cord injuries occurred in their upper backs or necks may be fully paralyzed and even require a ventilator.

  • How long is the paralysis expected to last?

The expected duration of paralysis can play a big part in compensation. Some victims can regain some or all feeling and mobility after paralysis, especially after surgery and certain treatments. But due to the complexity of spinal cord injuries and the difficulty of repairing them, many victims never fully recover and may only gain partial function or feeling after intensive treatments and years of physical therapy.

  • How much care will the victim need?

Some victims who are paralyzed below the waist can still live active, healthy, and independent lives. But others may need more frequent care—especially victims whose paralysis affects their upper bodies. Victims who were already in poor health, of advanced age, or whose paralysis is severe may need nearly constant supervision, and their loved ones may be unable to provide it. That means that hiring a home healthcare provider may be required, and that expense should be considered in their settlement.

  • How will paralysis affect their quality of life?

Few injuries can impact and impair quality of life quite like paralysis. Although many people who suffer from paralysis can and do participate in hobbies and enjoy time with friends and family, many find it difficult to cope with their disabilities. They may be forced to give up certain activities that they previously enjoyed, and their ability to see their loved ones may be diminished. Pain and suffering are a major part of many personal injury claims, and it can be a significant factor in paralysis claims as well.

Our Lawyers Help Paralyzed Victims Get Maximum Compensation

When innocent people are injured and become paralyzed, they need experienced lawyers on their side. These injuries can be more expensive than many people can ever imagine, especially throughout a lifetime. Lost wages and medical care can go on not just for years, but for decades, and it’s our goal to ensure victims are fairly compensated.

If you or someone you love was injured and became paralyzed because of someone else’s negligence, our Montgomery personal injury lawyers want to help. Contact Vance Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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