December 24, 2019
Auto Accident

Car accidents are a regular occurrence. In fact, there was a car crash every 200 seconds in Alabama in 2017. Being in an accident can be very distressing, regardless of who was at fault. Unless it was a minor fender bender, you’ll have lots to deal with in the upcoming days and weeks. You’ll need to file a police report, liaise with an insurer, and find a way to get around while your car is being repaired. But before you do any of that, you’ll need to check for any injuries suffered by you and any passengers. A cursory check will rule out open wounds, broken bones and external bleeding since these injuries are visible. However, vehicular accidents often leave people with delayed injuries. The adrenaline that rushes through your body may make you feel like you are okay. When the adrenaline wears off, you may realize you’re hurt. Sometimes symptoms don’t even show up until days after the accident.

What Vehicular Accident Attorneys Know About Delayed Injuries

If you get involved in a car crash in Alabama, and you feel fine afterward, you shouldn’t assume you aren’t injured. You need to see a doctor as soon as possible so you can get a medical opinion. Physicians can do diagnostic tests to detect delayed injuries that you may not notice. You also need to go to the doctor so you can get a report for insurance or legal purposes. If you plan to seek compensation for your injuries, this is a must. Let’s look at some of the injuries you could develop which may not be immediately apparent.

Brain Injuries

You can sustain a concussion without realizing it right after the accident. It may be some time before you start experiencing memory loss, headaches, moodiness, sleep problems, and slurred speech. You need to get treatment immediately, so your condition doesn’t worsen.


If your head is jolted back and forth during the accident, you may develop whiplash. The neck pain, headaches, and stiffness may not set in immediately because of the adrenaline coursing through your body. Just when you think you are out of the woods, you could begin to notice symptoms. In serious cases, the pain intensifies over time.

Soft Tissue Damage

You may not realize your muscles, tendons or ligaments have been damaged until you get an MRI or scan. Soft tissue injuries cause soreness, loss of motion, and worsening pain.  These injuries can seriously impact your ability to carry out your regular activities.

Internal Bleeding

Blunt force trauma from a car accident can cause internal bleeding. This type of injury can lead to long-term medical complications or even death. Internal bleeding can be due to head injuries, chest injuries, organ rupture, and abdominal trauma. Loss of consciousness, dizziness, purple discoloration of the skin, and abdominal pain and swelling are symptoms of internal bleeding.

Symptoms Alabama Accident Lawyers Encourage Clients to Look Out For

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with a specific injury, you should monitor your symptoms following your accident. Symptoms which can appear after several days include:

  • Headache – This could be a sign of a blood clot, neck injury or concussion.
  • Changes in personality – Impaired thinking and depression can result from traumatic brain injury.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder – You may experience nightmares, flashbacks, and insomnia.
  • Numbness or tingling – Damage to the neck and spinal cord can cause numbness or tingling in the arms and legs. Tingling in the neck, shoulders, and back can also be due to nerve or tissue damage.
  • Abdominal pain – Persistent pain may be a sign of organ damage or internal bleeding.

Contact The Vance Law Firm For Help With Delayed Injuries in Your Car Accident Case

Car accident injuries can have a significant impact on your life and your livelihood. Many of the injuries we’ve discussed often result in long recovery periods. While you wait to get better, you’ll have to take time off from work. If you to get compensation from the person or entity which caused your injuries, you need an attorney.

It will be very difficult to negotiate with an insurance company when you’re supposed to be healing. It’s best to focus on your recovery while your Alabama accident lawyer handles everything else.  At The Vance Law Firm, we will help you recover both economic and non-economic losses. We have lots of experience with similar cases and we know how to get clients the compensation they truly deserve. All you need to do is call us and book a free consultation. You won’t have to pay until we secure damages on your behalf.

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