December 15, 2018

Are Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians Preventable in Montgomery, Alabama?

Whenever a pedestrian auto accident happens in Montgomery, Alabama, the outcome can be traumatic for everyone involved. In some cases, it may be that the pedestrian caused the accident. Yet, the driver will still have to live with the effect of knowing that they were involved in the life-altering or fatal injuries sustained by the pedestrian. In other cases, the driver is responsible, which is even more difficult to live with the consequences. Meanwhile, the pedestrian, if he or she survives, has an uphill battle of recovery to face. If the pedestrian does not survive, then their family must cope with the grief of loss. Yet, all of this can be prevented by cautious and responsible behavior on the part of both drivers and pedestrians.

What You Can Do To Minimize the Likelihood of a Pedestrian Auto Accident in Montgomery, AL

All drivers need to follow the rules of the road and drive defensively. This includes avoiding distractions, never driving drowsy, and being particularly aware of their surroundings. This is especially important when you are driving in an area where you would expect pedestrians to be. Yet, it is also important to keep an eye out for pedestrians where you would not expect them to be. You can monitor your speed around school zones and crosswalks, in parking lots, and near shopping centers. You can be doubly cautious around the areas of bus stops and residential areas. There are many cases where pedestrians seem to come out of nowhere, yet even these accidents may be preventable if you are watching carefully and give yourself time to slow and stop for those pedestrians. What You Can Do to Protect Child Pedestrians from Auto Accidents in Montgomery, AL.

While it is essential for drivers to cautiously approach intersections, crosswalks, school buses, and school zones, to prevent child pedestrians from being harmed by accidents, it is also important for parents, guardians, and other caregivers of children to teach them how to be safe. Keep in mind that children are more prone to taking risks and making judgment errors when it comes to walking from one place to another with traffic all around. They’re more likely to be outdoors, playing, and more likely to run out onto the road for any impulsive purpose. They may be chasing a ball, playing tag, or losing control of their bicycle. They may simply be excited to get across to visit a friend and not think before they move. It is up to the adults in their lives to instill safe habits and encourage awareness of surroundings.

Children who are not old enough to make smart decisions in traffic should not be allowed near roads without an adult. The more time parents spend walking and bike riding with their kids, the more opportunities they have to teach them. Taking the time to walk your child to school or to a nearby store, instead of driving, is a good way to instill these skills and tips for safety.

Teach them to use sidewalks, to pay attention to signs and signals, to wait for the crossing guard when there is one, and to always look both ways before crossing a road. You can even teach them to try to make eye contact with drivers who are approaching an intersection before they cross. Teach them to never assume that a driver sees them. Ensuring that your child is a safe pedestrian as they grow and learn will keep them safe for years to come. Children who are taught to act in ways that are safe and cautious grow up to be cautious adults.

What Do You Do When a Pedestrian Auto Accident Happens in Montgomery, Alabama?

A pedestrian auto accident may be one of the most traumatic things you ever go through, whether you are the pedestrian, the driver, or a witness. Pedestrians are not protected by walls, seat belts, and airbags. In some cases, they may have a helmet, such as if they were on a bicycle or skateboard, for instance, but this may not be enough to save their life. A pedestrian can be struck, crushed, thrown, or dragged by a vehicle, even if that vehicle is trying to stop.

It takes time to bring a car to a complete stop and that time could be the difference between life and death. Even if the pedestrian survives, even if there are no serious injuries, it is still going to be a traumatizing situation. Many people panic after a pedestrian auto accident in Montgomery, Alabama. You may be in shock. These are normal reactions, but how you respond here could also be the difference between life and death. The pedestrian needs you to stay calm and call for help. You can also attempt to provide first aid. If you call 911, the emergency operator can help you through these moments while you wait for help to arrive.

Your very first concern needs to be ensuring that the pedestrian is okay and/or getting the emergency help that they need. Once you know that everyone is okay or that you have done all you can and the appropriate response is being provided, then you can focus on other concerns. For instance, you will need to exchange insurance information. You may be able to give your information to the pedestrian, or you may need to give it to someone on behalf of the pedestrian if the pedestrian is in no condition to accept it. Also, you can also take photographs of the scene, relevant traffic signals, injuries, and damages.  

You will also need to notify your auto insurance company that a pedestrian auto accident has occurred. You’ll have to give a brief description of what happened, but you should attempt to avoid disclosing too much information at this time. You do not have to answer questions concerning fault, and you should not provide this information without first talking to an attorney.

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