March 30, 2018

If I Get Headaches After a Car Accident in Alabama, Can I Seek Compensation?

Suffering from headaches after a car accident is often a symptom of a brain concussion or an injury to a related body part, such as the spine or the neck. Sometimes, these headaches will go away after a few days. Other times, these post-traumatic headaches can persist for long months, even years.

If you have been hurt in a car accident in Montgomery, Alabama, it is important for you to see your doctor and to consult with a trusted lawyer right away.

While there are many reasons for headaches after a car accident, the most severe conditions may alter the state of your health—and your life—for the worse.

Medical Reasons for Headaches After a Car Accident in Montgomery, AL

There are several car accident injury types which you may experience after a traffic collision in Montgomery, AL. The most common are head injuries, along with neck, back, and shoulder injuries.

A post-concussive headache occurs when something hard hits your head during a collision, resulting in a concussion. Spasm headaches after a car accident usually occur when an injury affects the neck and upper back muscles. In the case of a fractured skull, you may feel severe localized headaches at the back of your head or anywhere near the location of the injury.

Although some headaches after a car accident are readily palpable, some may not occur for days immediately following the collision. If you experience a headache that develops within a week from the date of the accident, you are most likely suffering from a post-traumatic headache.  

It’s also possible for you to lose consciousness after a car accident and suffer a post-traumatic headache upon waking up. And although some cases may heal within a reasonable period of time, other cases of a post-traumatic headache may persist for several months or years.

Other medical reasons for headaches after a car accident include the following:

  • Whiplash headache
  • Migraines
  • Muscle contractions
  • Nerve dysfunction
  • Open-head injuries

How Long Does a Post-Traumatic Headache Last?

Headaches After a Car Accident Lawyer in Montgomery, Alabama

Suffering from headaches after a car accident in Alabama? The Vance Law Firm can help you file a claim.

Like any other type of car accident injury, a post-traumatic headache can vary in severity. Although some patients are able to recover within a short period of time, others may require longer and more committed medical care. Any headache that persists for more than three months may be categorized as a persistent post-traumatic headache. The more unfortunate thing is that even those who have been subjected to mild head trauma may become debilitated for a long time.

Seeking Car Accident Injury Compensation for a Post-Traumatic Headache in Montgomery, AL

There are serious risks associated with headaches after a car accident, especially in the case of a post-traumatic headache. Typically, these car accident injury types are accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, pulsating head sensations, sensitivity to light or sound, and more. According to the American Migraine Foundation, these symptoms can be serious enough for the patient to stop working for a period of time.

If someone else’s negligent actions have resulted in your post-traumatic headache, you have the right to fight for compensation. Recovering damages is especially crucial if the severity of your car accident injury has resulted in your loss of wages, pain and suffering, and even non-economic losses.

For this, you need the committed help of a car accident injury lawyer in Montgomery, AL.

How Can a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Montgomery, AL Help?

When it comes to seeking compensation for auto accident injuries, you need to have access to sound legal advice and committed legal services. Negligence plays a crucial factor in your ability to recover car accident damages in the state of Alabama. This is why you need a car accident lawyer who is familiar with the laws of the state, including those in Montgomery, AL.

Moreover, there is a deadline imposed on the filing of lawsuits for personal injury claims in the state. With a dedicated lawyer by your side, you can work on getting the full compensation you deserve at the earliest time possible.

Talk to Us at The Vance Law Firm for Your Car Accident Injury Claim in Alabama

Although some car accident injury types are simple, others can be more complicated. Often, these recurring conditions may require long-term care. If you or a loved one has suffered from headaches after a car accident in Montgomery, Alabama, talk to us.

Here at the Vance Law Firm, our lawyers are ready to listen to your story and provide you with the best possible legal options for a car accident compensation claim. Get in touch with us now for your free case review.

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