January 25, 2018

What Are Common Car Accident Injuries in Montgomery, AL?

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injury in the United States, with as many as 2.3 million serious injuries being reported almost every year. The injuries sustained from a car accident can range in seriousness and type, but regardless of the form, it is important to contact a Montgomery, Alabama attorney immediately to discuss the car accident compensation you are owed. Car accidents can have serious ramifications for your physical health, but they can also be a financial burden, as well. From property damage, medical expenses, administrative expenses, and losses in wage and productivity, the bill from a car accident can really start to add up. Car accident compensation can help in covering the costs of your car accident injuries.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Montgomery, Alabama

The type of injury that you have and the medical documents that you preserve will all have a factor in determining your compensation. Some car accident injuries can be extremely serious and require extensive, immediate and long-term care. Some of the most common car accident injuries are as follows:

  1. Neck and Back Injury

One of the most common car accident injuries is whiplash, which occurs when there is a sudden movement of the head and neck, often from a rear-end collision. Whiplash injuries will differ from person to person depending on their previous health and the seriousness of the accident, but serious neck pain and swelling can generally be expected from whiplash.

Car Accident Injuries Lawyer in Montgomery, Alabama

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Back injuries are also a common car accident injury, as spinal damage can impair sensation and movement in all of the body’s extremities. Spinal injuries are one of the most expensive car accident injuries to treat, as they require extensive ongoing rehabilitation and years of therapy.

  1. Head Injuries

Seated drivers and passengers that are involved in high-speed crashes can easily sustain a blow to the head through contact with the steering wheel, dashboard or window of the car. Unsurprisingly, head injuries are among the most serious in a car crash, with brain injuries ranging from mild concussions to comas and lasting cognitive impairment. Car accidents are responsible for almost a third of all traumatic brain injuries in the United States.

  1. Chest Injury

Chest injuries from a car accident can be very serious depending on the accident. Blunt force trauma from the impact can result in broken ribs and collapsed lungs, which can pose a serious threat to your life. Internal bleeding can also be a risk, as well as damage to internal organs in the pelvic region and abdomen. People who have pre-existing heart conditions can go into traumatic cardiac arrest from the accident.

  1. Psychological Injuries in a Car Accident

The injuries of a car accident do not stop with physical trauma. Car accidents can also be a source of intense emotional distress for the people involved, which can lead to psychological trauma that should be treated in just the same way as a physical injury. In fact, psychological injuries can often go hand in hand with physical ones and should not be overlooked as a source of potential compensation.

Psychological harm caused by car accidents include anxiety and PTSD that can prevent the injured person from driving again. Depression can also result from car accidents, especially if the physical injuries cause difficulty in recovering or performing daily tasks. All psychological trauma from a car accident should be recorded in a medical diary and treated with appropriate medical help in the same way that physical injuries are taken care of.  

Recording Medical Data for Your Car Accident Injuries

The best thing you can do in the aftermath of a car accident is to keep meticulous care of all the documentation you receive. In the case of car accident compensation, no file is too insignificant to help you build your case. Some of the most important documents to keep track of are:

  • Record of all medical expenses and visits
  • Police report file
  • Insurance report file
  • Keep a medical diary of your recovery process
  • Automobile information

The recovery process when you are hurt in a car accident can be long, so be aware that you can also claim the expenses for long-term care and therapy. Your Montgomery, Alabama car accident attorney can help you to review your documentation and assess the settlement that you can expect from your injuries.

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