Limited Road Construction During Thanksgiving Holidays

Limited Road Construction During Thanksgiving Holidays

The Alabama Department of Transportation has announced that there will be limited construction during the busy Thanksgiving period. This is both a safety measure and an attempt to make traveling easier this year.

The agency said there will be no temporary lane closures on the interstate from noon on Wednesday, November 27 to Sunday, December 1.

According to AAA, more than 55 million people in the country will be traveling 50 miles or more away from home this Thanksgiving. Around 49.3 million people are expected to drive.

Wednesday afternoon is expected to be the busiest travel day and trips could take up to four times as long as they normally would. The roads are also expected to be congested for the rest of the week.

AAA Alabama’s Clay Ingram said this was due to record levels of travelers and population growth in major metro areas.

Meanwhile, vice president of AAA Travel Paula Twidale noted that Americans will be traveling in almost record numbers because of increases in household wealth, disposable income, and wages.

ALDOT reminded motorists that the increased traffic would leave little room for error and they needed to make safety a priority. They urged everyone to buckle up regardless of which seat they would be sitting in, as required under Alabama law.

The department also advised motorists to keep right unless they were passing a vehicle. ALDOT said drivers who stay in the left lane add to traffic jams and crashes. Legally, motorists should not drive for more than a mile and a half in the left lane without passing another car.

Drivers were also encouraged to take a break from driving every two hours so they could stay alert.

If you get into an accident during the Thanksgiving travel period, you may need the services of an Alabama car accident lawyer.


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