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The Vance Law Firm is proud to be the Official Injury Law Firm of The Punishers Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. One of the great things about motorcycles is how they bring people together in meaningful and unexpected ways.

Because of our firm’s connection to the motorcycle community we serve every day, The Vance Law Firm becoming the Official Injury Lawyers of The Punishers made perfect sense. The Punishers commitment to supporting public safety officers and their loved ones worldwide aligns with our firm’s commitment to serving injured motorcyclists.

The Vance Law Firm respects and shares The Punishers motto: In Service to Others. This commitment to community and to fellow law enforcement is evident in the way Punisher members support non-profits across the country. To learn more about The Punishers and how they help the community click here.

That’s why The Vance Law Firm is proud to serve The Punishers

If you’re a Punisher member and you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash or accident of any kind, click here.

The Vance Law Firm is committed to responding to any Punisher inquiry immediately; you can count on it.


The Vance Law Firm’s commitment to The Punishers is that we’ll have an attorney contact you right away for a free consultation. That’s the promise that The Vance Law Firm Managing Partner Kyle Weidman has made to The Punishers LEMC International President John Boyan. The Vance Law Firm is dedicated to this partnership and we look forward to putting our promise into action for Punishers members, family and friends across the country. All you have to do is fill out the form below.

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    If a member of The Punishers, their friends or family, has been injured in a motorcycle accident, car wreck, big truck wreck, or serious injury, The Vance Law Firm is here to fight for you.

    We keep it simple—when the insurance company tries to pay you less, we fight to get you more.

    Our team of Injury Lawyers work quickly to get injured victims maximum compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For a free, no-hassle case review, contact us today at 334-333-3333 or click here. There are no upfront fees, and we charge nothing unless we get money for you.

    • Why Motorcyclists nationwide Prefer the Vance Law Firm

      "These guys fight for the motorcycle community."

      - Motorcycle Accident Client

    • Why Motorcyclists nationwide Prefer the Vance Law Firm

      "I’d recommend The Vance Law Firm to anyone who rides."

      - Motorcycle Accident Client

    • Why Motorcyclists nationwide Prefer the Vance Law Firm

      "After my crash, they knew exactly what to do and took care of everything."

      - Motorcycle Accident Client

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