May 2, 2020
Auto Accident

If you suffer injuries in a car accident in Alabama, there are several things you must do. If someone else’s actions led to your injuries, you need to ensure you can get compensation. One of the first things you have to do is call the police to the scene. You also need to seek prompt medical attention. If you were badly injured, the ambulance will respond to the scene.

However, some people who are alert and mobile after the collision opt not to go to the doctor. This is a bad decision even if your injuries don’t seem serious immediately. Some injuries don’t show up until days after the crash but seeing a doctor right away is always in your best interests.

Why You Need to See a Doctor Immediately

If you go to the doctor right away and explain that you were in an accident, they will give you a thorough check. The doctor may be able to detect injuries that you don’t yet notice. Seeking prompt medical attention ensures you get the diagnosis and treatment you need. It also helps to support your claim that you suffered injuries in the crash. If you wait too late to see the doctor, you may not have enough proof of how you got hurt. The at-fault party’s insurance company may, therefore, deny your claim.

After you see the doctor, you need to contact an experienced Alabama accident lawyer. Your attorney will help you to assign a dollar value to your losses. Then, they will assist you in gathering all the supporting documents and filing an insurance claim. The insurance company may deny your claim or make you a very low offer. You shouldn’t accept the first offer you get since it is unlikely to be fair. 

If your claim is for a substantial amount, the insurer will be even more likely to put up a fight. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fairer settlement. If you can’t reach an agreement through negotiation, your lawyer may advise you to file a lawsuit. You won’t be able to do this on your own. Even if you have some legal training, your focus should be on your recovery.

How Alabama Car Accident Attorneys Advise Their Clients

It may be surprising, but you can have serious injuries without realizing it. If you notice cuts or bruises about your body or you feel severe pain, you’ll likely want a doctor to check you out. Otherwise, you may just want to go home and calm down. This is understandable since car accidents can be traumatic. However, attorneys always recommend that their clients go to the doctor. It may be a case where you really don’t have serious injuries. Even then, it’s better to be safe. If it does turn out that you have injuries that require treatment, you’ll get a medical report to present to the insurance company. Some of the injuries which may not be immediately apparent are:

  • Internal bleeding. The doctor will want to rule this out before letting you go home.  
  • Whiplash. Many people suffer mild whiplash, but some cases can be debilitating. Symptoms may not appear until days after the crash.
  • Spinal injuries. Not all spinal cord injuries are immediately apparent.  However, without treatment, they can get worse.

If you don’t feel extremely ill, it’s easy to assume you’re okay. However, ignoring minor symptoms could prove to be detrimental. A condition which could ordinarily be easily treated could become much more complicated if you don’t get prompt attention. For example, an untreated spinal cord injury can lead to paralysis.

As your lawyer will tell you, it’s also important that you document your injuries. You’ll need a medical report to support your insurance claim. If you submit a claim solely for property damage, then discover injuries later, you could encounter difficulty. It’s best to claim all your losses at one time. Your attorney will help you to quantify both current and future medical expenses. However, this is contingent on you seeking prompt medical attention and following the doctor’s advice.

Failure to follow the right steps could result in the insurance company rejecting your claim.  The insurance adjuster may argue that you got your injuries before or after the crash in question. You will then have to work really hard to prove that the accident caused your injuries.

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Car crashes can result in life-changing injuries. To ensure the best medical and legal outcomes, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible after your crash. Call the vehicular accident attorneys at The Vance Law Firm to learn your legal options. Your first consultation is free.

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