Alabama Motorcyclists Face the Same Laws but Have the Same Rights as Other Motorists

There are many reasons to ride a motorcycle. They’re extremely fuel-efficient, they can be parked almost anywhere, and they’re flat-out fun to ride. But as all riders know, there are also huge drawbacks. Riders have no shelter from inclement weather, n

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What Should You Do If You’re Injured in a Hit-and-Run in Montgomery, Alabama?

Car accidents are terrible and traumatic anytime they cause injuries or loss of life, but when the at-fault driver flees the scene, they become even more stressful and upsetting. There are any number of reasons why a driver would flee the scene of a hi

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Where is the Worst Traffic in Alabama?

No one likes being stuck in traffic, especially on their morning and evening commutes. But traffic is a weekday reality for millions of Alabamians. However, some Yellowhammer State residents get a worse shake than others when it comes to sitting in hig

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This is the Most Dangerous Situation for a Motorcyclist to Be In

Drivers turning left must always yield to oncoming traffic unless they have a green left-turn signal at a traffic light or right-of-way at a four-way stop. Unfortunately, far too many people ignore this rule, which can have deadly consequences for moto

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How Much Safety Gear Do You Need to Ride a Motorcycle in Alabama?

Motorcycles are popular in states with mild winters like Alabama, where they can be ridden nearly year-round. However, on hot days or short trips, many riders are tempted to go without heavy motorcycle gear. But is it safe, and is it legal, to do so? A

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Motor Accident & Personal Injury Lawyers in Wetumpka, AL

Wetumpka, Alabama lawyers, help area residents deal with issues ranging from a car accident to work injuries and even a Uber accident. Attorneys understand complex laws and ensure that necessary paperwork is completed and filed correctly. They know whe

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Will COVID-19 Affect My Alabama Personal Injury Claim?

Almost every aspect of society has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Personal injury claims are already challenging to deal with so you may be worried about it will also have an impact on this. Many entities in Alabama have altered their operatio

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Can I Get Compensation After a Slip and Fall if There Was a Warning Sign?

If you suffered injuries after slipping and falling on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to compensation. Alabama’s premises liability laws allow injured people to sue the at-fault party and recover damages. However, you must be able to prov

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