June 2, 2020
Auto Accident

Traumatic brain injuries are among the most serious accidents that can result from a car accident. They can occur because of a jolt to the head or when an object penetrates the brain tissue. Some TBIs are mild and the effects are temporary. However, others are severe and they result in bleeding, bruising, and long-lasting issues. The effects can be both physical and psychological and some victims are unable to advocate for themselves. If your spouse suffered a TBI in an accident that was not their fault, they deserve compensation.

Given how serious these injuries can be, you need to ensure that all economic and non-economic losses are quantified. You will need to hire an experienced Alabama accident lawyer to get full compensation since it is likely to be a difficult journey. Gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and getting medical records all take time so you need to seek legal representation as soon as possible. That way, your Montgomery car accident attorney will be able to fully investigate the situation and build a strong case.

How Traumatic Brain Injuries Occur

Often, people involved in car accidents strike their heads against the steering wheel or windshield. If they are thrown from the vehicle, they may also hit the pavement or another object. Sometimes, the blow causes an open wound. Other times, the brain is rattled inside the skull but there are no external signs of injury. Contusions and brain hemorrhage can occur when someone suffers a traumatic brain injury.

Whether or not there are visible signs of head injuries, car accident victims should see a doctor and tell them what happened. That way, they can check to see if there are symptoms of which the victim is not immediately aware. If an accident victim neglects to get treatment, their condition could worsen. They may lose control over certain functions, became disabled, or even put their life in jeopardy.

At the same time, they also make it harder to connect their injuries to the crash. Insurance companies take advantage of such situations. Therefore, going to the doctor right away protects both the victim’s health and their ability to seek compensation later. After getting medical attention, the next thing victims should do is contact an Alabama car accident lawyer.

How to Get Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injury after a Car Accident in Alabama

As with all losses a victim intends to claim after a car accident, your spouse will need to present solid evidence. Your attorney will advise you to gather all relevant documentation like doctor’s reports, medical bills, prescriptions, and payslips. If the victim can’t prove they had to undergo multiple surgeries and weeks of therapy, they can’t claim compensation for these damages.

In addition to quantifying losses and ensuring there is the necessary proof, the attorney will also ensure that the claim is filed against the correct party. In most car accidents, the at-fault party is another driver. However, there are cases in which third parties can be held liable. Maybe the brakes or tires on the vehicle malfunctioned or a road defect led to the crash. In these situations, even if the other driver had a role to play, they can’t be held solely at fault.

Sometimes liability is clear but other cases involve lots of investigation. If your spouse suffered a TBI and they are unable to handle the stress of an insurance claim or lawsuit, you should contact a lawyer on their behalf. You likely only have two years from the date of the accident to take legal action, so you need to move quickly. In some situations, the clock may start running later. Generally, however, the sooner you file the claim, the sooner your spouse may be able to get compensation.

Victims can recover damages for:

  • Medical tests
  • Surgeries
  • Rehabilitation and assistive devices
  • Disability and associated adjustments
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

Let The Vance Law Firm Help Your Spouse Get Recover Damages

Our vehicular accident attorneys know how difficult it can to see a loved one in poor health because of a car accident. We have extensive experience with these types of cases, and we fight for victims to get the compensation they deserve. Your spouse may be facing a long recovery and the emotional and financial impact on your household may be significant. Let us help you relieve the burden. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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