November 28, 2018

Can A Montgomery Car Accident Lawyer Help Me if a Faulty Traffic Signal Caused a Car Wreck?

Car accidents can occur due to a number of reasons.  Most of the time car crashes happen because a driver was negligent. They could be texting while driving, speeding, drunk or behaving in a manner that causes harm to other drivers. In some instances however an accident can be caused by something other than a driver’s negligence. In Montgomery, AL a number of car wrecks have been caused by faulty traffic signals. The traffic signal could be malfunctioning, poorly programmed, not visible, one or all lights are not working etc. The defective traffic signals could make you or another driver do the wrong thing causing a minor or major car accident. If you are involved in such an accident you should talk to an Alabama car accident lawyer immediately.

Why You Should Talk To a Car Accident Lawyer in Alabama If You Are In An Accident Caused By A Faulty Traffic Signal.

When you are involved in an accident caused by a defective traffic signal you may be entitled to compensation. In most cases, the relevant local authority should pay for your medicals bills, vehicle damages and more. However getting compensation from the local authority can be very challenging even when they were negligent. That’s why you will need a good car accident attorney in Montgomery, AL. The Alabama car accident lawyer will have to prove a traffic signal was faulty. Once they do this they will have to also show that the faulty signal and not something else caused your accident. The negligent party and your insurance company may not believe that a defective light caused your accident. So proving that will be crucial for you to get compensation. Your attorney will use their experience handling cases involving faulty traffic signals to determine how to get you compensation.

What You Should Do After an Accident Caused by a Faulty Traffic Signal in Montgomery, AL

After your accident, you are likely to be in a state of shock which is to be expected. They’re however some steps which you should take if you are able that can make your claims process easier. These steps include:

  • Calling the police. Immediately after your crash, you should call the police to report your accident. Once you contact them officers will be sent to the scene of the accident. They will begin their investigations into the wreck when they get there. Be sure to inform them of the faulty traffic signal so that they can include that in their police report.
  • Talk to witness. The state is required to ensure that all traffic signals work properly. If they don’t do this they will be neglecting their duties and putting motorist lives at risk. Witnesses of your accident will, therefore, be important in proving a traffic sign was malfunctioning causing your accident. When you talk to witness get their names and contacts so that your attorney can easily find them if need.
  • Take photos of the accident scene. If possible take photos of your injuries and damages to your car. If the signal is still malfunction take a video of this as evidence.
  • Get medical attention. Getting to a hospital should be a top priority after a car crash. Doing so will not only ensure your injuries are treated immediately, but those that are not visible can be detected. Getting a medical examination will also ensure you have evidence of injuries when you ask for compensation.
  • Talk to a car accident lawyer in Alabama. You already know that your claim that a faulty traffic signal caused your accident will not be accepted easily. An attorney will get the necessary evidence to prove this and fight for you right to compensation.

Talk to an Alabama Car Accident Lawyer Today.

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a faulty traffic device contact The Vance Law Firm. We may be able to assist you to get compensation for your injuries and property damage. Because you might be seeking compensation form the government, you will need the best legal team on your case. Our car accident lawyers in Alabama have years of experience making claims against the government. This experience will be put to good use and ensure you get the compensation you deserve.  Contact us now for a free consultation where we will assess your claim and determine if it is valid. Don’t take long before getting legal help. There is a time limit for when you can make a personal injury claim. Failure to make a claim in time will see you lose out on compensation.

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