July 15, 2019

Do I Really Need to Go to the Doctor After an Alabama Car Accident?

Everything about car accidents can be unpredictable. They occur when you least expect them and even when they seem minor, the resulting injuries can be serious. Furthermore, Alabama insurance companies can deny your claim even when it seems like a straightforward case. This means you need to do everything you can to get the best possible outcome. One key step is to go to the doctor as soon as possible after the accident.

If the crash was serious, an ambulance will likely take you to a trauma center. You are highly unlikely to refuse treatment if you are bleeding profusely or a bone is clearly broken. However, if it seems you only got a couple scratches or cuts, you may simply want to go home. Many car accident injuries don’t present symptoms immediately. Because of the adrenaline coursing through your body, you may not be aware that you were hurt. Still, you need to visit a doctor. You can go to your personal physician or an urgent care center.

Types of Injuries Which Commonly Occur in Alabama Car Accidents

Almost every part of the body can be hurt in a car accident. Cuts and bruises and strains and sprains are common, and they often aren’t very serious. However, some injuries are extensive and victims often have a long and expensive recovery period ahead of them. They have to spend weeks or months away from work and some are never able to work again.

Some common injuries that an Alabama accident lawyer sees are:

  • Soft tissue injuries. Injuries to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons are most common. Whiplash is probably the most well-known type of soft tissue injury.


  • Head injuries. The head may hit the steering wheel or window during the crash, leading to cuts and bruises. Other head injuries are internal, and they may result in concussions or brain injuries.


  • Chest injuries. Broken ribs and internal injuries can occur. They often happen when the chest collides with the steering wheel. Seat belts can also cause severe bruising.

Why an Alabama Accident Lawyer Will Always Urge You to Get Medical Attention

In the aftermath of an accident, some people just want to exchange insurance details and leave the scene. Since car crashes can be overwhelming, this is understandable. However, it isn’t advised. Minor injuries can worsen and lead to serious complications if they aren’t treated promptly. If you want to rule out serious injury, you need to go to the doctor immediately.

Getting a medical exam isn’t just important for your health and wellbeing. It also helps you to protect your legal rights. If you need to get costly treatment or tests, you’ll want to get compensation from the at-fault party’s insurer. If the insurance company denies your claim, you may have to take the matter to court to get justice. The only way you will get the compensation you deserve is if you have proof of your injuries. You also need to be able to link your injuries directly to the accident.

What Can Happen When You Delay Going to the Doctor, Explained by an Alabama Accident Lawyer

You may have injuries which appear minor, but a doctor may be able to see signs of serious problems. A slight headache can mask serious head injuries. A sore neck can indicate whiplash, soft tissue damage or even a spinal cord injury. If these injuries are caught in the early stages, your prognosis may be better. When you go to a physician, they will document your injuries, the likely cause, and the planned course of treatment.

If you wait a few days to seek medical attention, you won’t have proof that the car crash caused your injury. The insurance company may argue that you are making up or exaggerating your injury. They may also suggest that you got your injuries in another way. It could become almost impossible for you to get full compensation. If you leave the accident scene and go straight to a medical facility, the insurer will know nothing else could have caused your injuries.

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If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you need to call an attorney. The sooner you contact an Alabama accident lawyer, the better it will be. You’ll stand a better chance of getting compensation if you went to the doctor immediately after the crash. However, we evaluate each case on its own merit. Schedule a consultation with The Vance Law Firm today and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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