August 30, 2018

Traumatic Brain Injury After a Truck Accident – What Should I Do?

Montgomery AL Car accidents are devastating to both victims and their families. They suffer various emotional effects, property damage and severe injuries. Some injuries are usually not serious, so you may decide not to claim compensation. However, if your family member suffers a traumatic brain injury due to a truck accident, you deserve compensation.

Unfortunately, brain injuries they may not be discovered immediately. However, once it is known, you do not have to bear all the costs alone. If your son got a traumatic brain injury in an accident, you should hire the best truck accident lawyer. An experienced truck accident attorney will take you through your options and help you choose one.

You need to act smart and fast if you want to get the best for your son. Try as much as possible to maintain your calm in every step you make. Follow the law. As long as the injury was from the accident you have a chance to get compensation.


Get Details on Traumatic Brain Injury after a Truck Accident in Montgomery, AL

You need to have information about the brain injury that your son suffered before anything else. It ensures that you first get the help that he needs. It will also give you an idea of the costs. These are the most common types of brain injuries caused by car accidents:

  • Concussion – This occurs when there is a direct hit to the head. The cranial vessels are damaged, and the blood vessels of the brain are stretched.
  • Coup contrecoup. This is much more severe than a concussion. Contusions are created where the person felt the impact.
  • Diffuse axonal injury. This occurs when the head experiences severe rotations and a sudden stop. It happens when the brain structures tear.
  • This is a bruise on the brain that may require surgical removal if it is large enough.
  • It occurs when something penetrates the brain.


Hire the Best Truck Accident Lawyer

The temptation to save money and deal with the situation on your own may be great. Don’t do it. A truck accident attorney does more than give you your options for the traumatic brain injury claim. He will take care of making a Montgomery, AL claim and even negotiate on your behalf. In this way, you have a little off your plate and you are guaranteed a great win.


File a Claim with the Insurance Company

If you have the details of the truck that caused the accident, you can file a claim with them. Your truck accident lawyer will take care of drafting the claim letter and submitting all the details. Once you make the request, it is normal for the insurance provider to dispute it. However, as long as you do it within three years, the law is on your side. You need to give yourself the best chance of getting compensation for your son’s traumatic brain injury.


Receive an Offer from the Insurance Company

When the insurance company verifies the cause of the injury was their truck, they will make you an offer. Your truck accident attorney will help you determine whether the offer is good enough. If you are unable to reach an agreement, you can move to a Montgomery, AL court.


Go Through the Court Process with the Help of a Truck Accident Attorney

The truck accident lawyer will present a case to show the accident caused your son’s traumatic brain injury. It is critical to proving, without reasonable doubt, that they are at fault. Depending on how severe the brain injury is, the court will get the insurance company to compensate you.

The great thing about going to court is that you can get more compensation than if you settled.  Damages you can collect include for the medical expenses; pain, and suffering. You can even claim lost wages due to time you took off work to attend to your son. However, going to court will take a lot longer. It will also cost you, so you have to decide on what matters most to you.

At The Vance Law Firm, we have a great truck accident attorney that will help you understand your options. Once we are on your case, we will ensure that you get the best compensation for your son. With our help, you won’t have to worry about any financial obligations. The only thing on your mind should be to help your son get better.

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