July 30, 2018

What Should I Do If I’m in a Bicycle Accident with a Car?

Imagine yourself on your bicycle riding on a beautiful day, you get to a stop sign, and you stop. However, a car coming from a driveway crashes into you. It is something that can happen at any time, and it is devastating for anyone. You will likely be injured and in pain and shock. You may not know what is happening at that moment.  The driver may get out of his car to check on you. They may try to apologize, but you are still in shock, so you are not sure what to say. A Montgomery, AL bicycle accident is an experience that no one should ever go through. However, if it happens to you, you need to get an excellent bicycle accident lawyer. Here are some steps to take if you get hit by a car while on your bicycle.

Calm Yourself and Call 911

The shock will have you shaking and you will be in pain. However, it is urgent that you call the police immediately. Do not try to engage the driver no matter how much you want to. It won’t help you. Get off the road, take deep breaths and wait for the ambulance and police to arrive.

Get the Motorist’s Details

Before the police get to the scene of the bicycle accident, you should get contact details from the driver. Don’t accept any requests to pay for the damages. This may work against you if you are severely injured. Take their car and insurance details since you will need them when going to make a Montgomery, AL claim. Ensure that you have verified the information given.

Gather Evidence and Witnesses for your Personal Injury Attorney

Whether or not you intend to make a claim, it’s better to put together evidence and details of eyewitnesses. Take clear photos and videos of the bicycle accident, your injuries if visible and your bike. Write the names and contact information of any willing eyewitnesses as they will be helpful in future. Your bicycle accident lawyer will need these to file a claim.

Get a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you do not know a personal injury lawyer, ask around for one. When you locate a good one, talk to them about the incident. Having a good lawyer on your side is vital. He will guide you on how not to incriminate yourself. Your personal injury attorney will play an essential part in getting you justice for your injuries and property loss.

Talk to the Police and Get Medical Attention

When the 911 team arrives, give the police officers as many details of the bicycle accident as possible. Don’t leave out any information since it is crucial it’s in the report. Accuracy is important since the driver’s insurance provider will get a copy. Even if you do not feel hurt, have the medical team examine you to rule out any internal injuries. If you are severely injured, you accept should go to a Montgomery, AL hospital immediately.

File a Claim with the Driver’s Insurance Company

With the help of your personal injury attorney, file a claim for damages with the insurance company. Ensure they get access to the police report and the evidence you have to maximize what they pay you. Allow your attorney to take the lead in the negotiations as he is better equipped to do so.

What If It Is a Hit and Run Bicycle Accident?

A hit and run bicycle accident limits your legal options. There’s no one to sue or claim for damages. As a result, any injuries will have to be covered by your medical insurance pending investigations by the police. If the culprit is found, you can choose to settle with the insurance company or go to court. Going to court guarantees you an even more substantial compensation given that the driver ran after the incident. However, this may take a long while. It may be a better option to settle with the insurance company.

Talk to Us at The Vance Law Firm

Once you weren’t breaking the law at the time of the bicycle accident, you are allowed to seek compensation. Going at it on your own may seem like a good option. However, insurance companies will take advantage of that. As a result, you may end up with an unworthy offer.

To avoid being taken advantage of, call us at The Vance Law Firm for a consultation of your case. We have the best personal injury attorney that will get you the best compensation package possible. Our Montgomery, AL negotiators know precisely how to use evidence gathered to ensure you get that big check.

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