November 16, 2017

Why Do Most Car Accidents Occur in Montgomery, Alabama?

A traffic crash in Alabama occurred on average every 3 ½ minutes in 2015 with a person being injured in an automobile accident nearly every 12 minutes. The same report shows that there were 9,938 car accidents in Montgomery alone, which unfortunately caused 3,428 injuries and 33 fatalities. According to the University of Alabama, these figures did not improve in 2016. As calculated in January 2017, the number of traffic crashes throughout the state increased by nearly 25%. These reports of Montgomery car accidents begs the question: Why do we experience such a high number of automobile accidents each year?

Is Speeding the Primary Cause of Car Accidents in Montgomery?

Nearly 112,000 drivers receive a speeding ticket in the U.S. daily, which contributes to the 41 million speeding tickets issued each year. It is widely known that speeding is the primary cause for fatalities in crashes. However, recent reports confirm that failing to obey the posted speed limits is not the main cause of car accidents in Montgomery overall. Based on information from Drive Safe Alabama, the following is a list of the top five causes of car accidents in this county that were reported in 2015:

  • Tailgating
  • Failed to yield right of way
  • Misjudged stopping distance
  • Improper lane change/use
  • Unseen object/person/vehicle

Why Does Tailgating Cause Car Accidents in Montgomery?

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Tailgating, or following another vehicle with an insufficient amount of headway, is an extreme type of aggressive driving and a major cause of rear-ending crashes. The National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA) reported in 2010 that rear-end crashes received the highest ranking among the annual average of 5 million automobile accidents reported to the police. Based on the standard principles regarding reaction time on the road, the typical driver is supposed to maintain vehicle headway of at least 2 seconds between the vehicle directly in front of them and his or her vehicle. Miscalculated reaction time also leads to the 4th cause of car accidents in Alabama on the above-referenced list: misjudged stopping distance.

In addition to reminding drivers to avoid tailgating, Chapter 3 (“The Driving Task”) of the 2016 Alabama Driver Manual shared tips about staying away from the rear no-zone – especially when following a commercial truck, school bus or other large vehicle. For instance, drivers are encouraged to always dim their headlights when following large vehicles at night. Bright lights can blind the driver as they are reflected off of the side mirrors of the large vehicle. If a police officer charged you with the fault of an automobile accident due to following too closely, strive to find a car accident attorney in Montgomery educated and experienced enough to properly defend this type of case in court.

Does Inclement Weather Cause Car Accidents in Montgomery?

One may think that inclement weather conditions cause the most automobile crashes and resulting fatalities. On the contrary, statistical studies prove the exact opposite is the case. Based on facts and figures compiled from 2016, the vast majority of automobile accidents in Montgomery, Alabama occurred in clear weather (approximately 62.86 %). Rain, snow, sleet, and fog were not even able to take the 2nd highest spot from merely cloudy conditions on that list.

Other reports clearly showed that most car accidents in Montgomery had nothing to do with the conditions of the weather, roads or lighting. In regards to the crash environments, the highest number of crashes and fatalities occurred on dry and level roads in broad daylight on clear days.

Is Drunk Driving a Major Problem in Alabama?

More than 3,200 people lost their lives in Alabama between 2003 and 2012 due to crashes involving a drunk driver, according to the CDC. Nearly 5 years later, studies show that this is still a major concern and significant issue on the roads of Alabama. There were 9,494 drivers cited for DUI throughout the state in 2015 alone. Studies further show that most of the crashes involving a drunk driver that year (58.41%) occurred on the weekends (Friday-Saturday). The probability of a fatality in a standard crash is less than 1%. However, in a DUI crash, the probability of a fatality was more than 7 times higher in 2015 – painting a clear yet horrifying picture of the severity of this issue.

Alabama Attorneys Can Help Victims of Car Accidents

Even the safest of drivers are still exposed to automobile accidents day after day. Regardless of how well you drive on the roads, you will never be able to control the actions of other people that drive alongside or near your vehicle. However, the action you can control is reaching out to a Montgomery car accident attorney whenever the need to defend yourself and your rights arises.

The Vance Law Firm will provide you with the first-class legal assistance that you need when these unexpected tragedies arise. Call our office today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and allow our team to get to work for you.

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