April 18, 2022
Motorcycle Accident

Driving a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience, but it is also dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,014 motorcyclists died in 2019 due to a collision accident. Aside from fatality, a motorcycle accident can leave the rider with severe injuries such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), dismemberment, and more.

One way to reduce your risk of a motorcycle collision is to keep your bike in good working order. Learn the top preventative maintenance tips to keep you safe on your motorcycle and minimize your chances of being injured in a collision.

1.     Inspect and Replace Your Tires

To maintain safety on the road, it is essential to inspect your tires routinely. Check your tire pressure to ensure your tires have the right amount of air for your motorcycle. Too much or too little air can affect their performance and cause skidding or slipping.

Also, check for worn treads, punctures, or gashes because these can cause a blowout. Replace your tires when necessary.

2.     Check and Replace Your Brakes

A good maintenance routine involves checking your brakes and replacing them as needed. If you notice a slipping or grinding sensation while stopping, head to your motorcycle technician as soon as possible to have them examine and replace your brakes.

You can also check your brakes visually by looking at the groove indicator. If the brake pad is below two millimeters in thickness, you’ll need to replace the brakes.

3.     Ensure Your Lights Work

Working head and taillights are imperative to your safety when driving a motorcycle. Your lights not only help you see, but they also make you visible to other drivers. While you’ll be able to tell straight away if your headlights are working, make it a habit to check your brake lights and turn signal as well.

Ensure your levers and pedals trigger the lights to come on so that you avoid driving with limited light functionality.

4.     Change Your Oil Regularly

Changing your oil regularly keeps your engine clean and running smoothly. It also prevents overheating when you go on long bike rides. Not changing your oil can result in overheating and complete engine failure, which can be dangerous if it happens when you are on a fast-moving road or highway.

5.     Test Your Controls

Preventative maintenance requires you to test out your controls regularly. Checking that your controls work ensures your motorcycle is in good shape and functions correctly. Most motorcycles have six controls that need to be tested periodically. These include the clutch, steering column, throttle, front brake, rear brake, and gear shift.

Test each of your controls before driving so you have complete control in the event of a possible collision.

6.     Inspect Your Chassis

The chassis refers to the basic frame of your motorcycle. Although this type of inspection is best left to a professional, you can make an effort to look at your chassis to ensure that no parts are visibly broken, bent, or rusted.

Inspect your bike’s fasteners and take note if anything looks uneven. View the bike’s belt and chain and look for wear or damage that could cause your bike to malfunction while on the road.

7.     Check Your Side Stand

You can prevent an accident on your motorcycle by checking the function of your side stand. Although most motorcycle manufacturers have taken precautions when it comes to side stands, there are still several older bikes on the road that feature center stands and side stands.

If your bike falls into this category, failure to ensure property functioning can result in the side stand falling during your drive, causing a devastating accident.

8.     Take Your Motorcycle to a Technician

The best preventative maintenance you can perform on your motorcycle is taking it to a technician at least once annually for a professional inspection. A trained technician knows what to look for and how to make repairs on your motorcycle.

Taking your bike to an experienced mechanic ensures your motorcycle is in good shape for driving, which offers you the safest experience when out on the open road.

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