August 15, 2018
Auto Accident

You are involved in a car accident and have probably been in the hospital getting treated for your injuries. Soon the Montgomery, AL car accident bills start piling up, not to mention your car needs repairs. At this point, you file a car accident claim with your insurance company. The insurance company will take their time to verify your request and finally give you a settlement offer.

However, the offer doesn’t even begin to cover all the damages you have suffered, so you start negotiations. The insurance company will probably give in and give you more offers, but they may not be good enough. Soon they start putting pressure on you to take the offer and may even issue threats. When this happens, the insurance company will be acting in “bad faith.”

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for many people when dealing with their insurance companies. The best thing to do if this happens is to have a great car accident lawyer to help you. Your attorneys can come up with a plan to help get you what you deserve.

How a Car Accident Lawyer Help with a Car Accident Claim

A Montgomery, AL insurance company must serve you as its client swiftly and in “good faith.” Just as you ensured that you paid your premiums on time, they should uphold their part of the agreement. If they in any way harass you especially when you file a claim, this is called “bad faith.” If you are being harassed, you should file a complaint through your car collision lawyer. Some of the acts that fall under this category include;

  • Refusing to pay your Montgomery, AL car accident claim without a reasonable reason.
  • Refusing to pay a claim in good time.
  • Making extremely low offers without good reason.
  • Harassing you to accept an inadequate offer.
  • Failing to explain why they denied your claim.

If you don’t want to settle yet you are being harassed, you have a right to file a complaint. In Montgomery, AL, insurance companies are bound by their contract. They should honor your claim with a good offer. Your car collision lawyer will help you to file a complaint where you stand to gain a lot more.

What to Do If Your Insurance Company Is Harassing You to Settle Your Car Accident Claim

Usually, your insurance adjuster will be the one putting pressure on your to decide because that’s his job. He may issue threats saying that they may drop you or that the offer will reduce. However, this is against the law, and he knows it. This is why if you mention that you will file a complaint, it may scare him to behave. You may get a better offer on your car accident claim so you won’t need to go to court.

What a Car Collision Lawyer Can Do Following a Car Accident

If the adjuster doesn’t change his behavior, you can ask your car accident lawyer to file the complaint. Your car collision lawyer will get your details and submit the complaint to the Alabama Department of Insurance. The following are the details needed for the filing:

  • Your details, social security number and contact details.
  • The details of the insurance company, insurance policy number and a copy of the signed policy.
  • The date when you suffered the loss you, the date when you filed the claim and claim number.
  • Give details of your insurance adjuster, the offers and proof of how they harassed you.
  • Explain in details what happened and the steps you took to try to resolve the problem if any. Provide any other material related to the case that will help explain your situation.
  • Give the name, address and contact details of your car accident lawyer and law firm.

Once car collision lawyer submits the complaint, it is likely that your insurance company will know about it. It often moves them to take another look at your demands and make a more reasonable offer. No insurance company wants to deal with the state’s department of insurance. For them, it means having to pay you more than what you want; it is usually easier to yield.

Do not take harassment from a Montgomery, AL insurance company lightly. There is a lot you can do. When you feel harassed, talk to us at The Vance Law Firm. Allow us to solve the problem for you. You have the right to make a complaint and even file a lawsuit in extreme cases. Our car accident lawyer has extensive experience in these matters, so call us today for assistance.

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