June 14, 2020
Auto Accident

Drunk driving and distracted driving get lots of attention and people generally know how dangerous they are. However, drowsy driving is just as dangerous even though people don’t talk about it often. A study by the National Sleep Foundation found that around 168 million American drivers admitted to driving while drowsy. Many drivers believe they can make it home safely even though they are exhausted.

Unfortunately, they overestimate their abilities and cause tens of thousands of accidents annually. Drivers who get behind the wheel when they are drowsy are acting negligently. If you were injured in a crash and you believe it was because of a drowsy driver you should seek compensation. In this blog post, we will discuss why drowsy driving occurs and how you can get compensation for injuries caused in this way. If you are the victim of a drowsy driver, contact our Montgomery accident lawyers today.

What Leads to Drowsy Driving?

Obviously, drowsy driving occurs when a driver is sleepy or tired and thy still opt to go on the road. However, you may not have thought about all the reasons why this can happen.

Common causes of drowsy driving include:

  • Inadequate sleep
  • Chronic insomnia
  • Changes in work schedules that disrupt sleep patterns
  • Driving for too long without taking a break
  • Taking sleeping pills before driving
  • Using alcohol or drugs before driving

Motorists who are tired for any of these reasons will experience slower reaction times, poor judgment, and/or memory loss. This makes them more likely to get involved in an accident.

What You Need to Do After the Crash

It can be difficult to prove that a driver was drowsy. Unlike drunk driving, there is no test. However, you can still protect your rights after such a crash in Alabama. You will need to begin immediately after the accident as long as you are physically able.

Of course, you will need to exchange insurance and contact information as you would with any type of accident. However, you must also report the accident to the police. This is legally required if there were injuries, property damage or death. You can later collect a copy of this report and use it as evidence in your claim for compensation. Your attorney can also request a copy on your behalf. This report is likely to contain important information about the accident including who the officer believes was at fault.

You should also talk to any eyewitnesses at the scene and seek to get their contact information. Not everyone will want to get involved but someone may be willing to speak to your Alabama car accident lawyer about what they saw. Testimony from an impartial individual may help to strengthen your case.

Another thing which may be extremely helpful is to take photos and videos of the accident scene. If the scene is cleared away quickly, you won’t have much evidence of what occurred. If possible, capture road conditions, the damage to the vehicles, and your injuries. Try to get both wide angles and close-up shots.

It is imperative that you go to the doctor as soon as possible after that the accident. Your health is a priority and seeking medical attention serves two purposes. It ensures that injuries are diagnosed and treated promptly and also allows you to get a medical report that supports your claim for compensation. Without a report from a doctor, it will be very hard to prove that you were injured.

Going to the doctor immediately also helps to create a link between the accident and your injuries. Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, you should still make your way to a medical professional for an examination. After you see the doctor, you need to keep all related invoices and prescriptions. This can all be used in your efforts to recover your expenses and other losses.

After you have done all this you need to contact an attorney. You should try to do it even before you speak to an insurance company. Your attorney will guide you on what you should and should not say or do. They will also help you to gather evidence, quantify your losses, and hold the at-fault party liable. They will also negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get fair and full compensation.

Contact The Attorneys at The Vance Law Firm Today

If you suffered injuries in a crash caused by a drowsy driver, don’t try to handle the situation on your own. Call our Alabama accident lawyers today to set up a consultation. We know how to prove that the other driver was fatigued, and we will use our knowledge to help you recover your losses. Your first consultation is free, and you don’t have to pay until we secure compensation for you whether via negotiations or a lawsuit.

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